Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Obama's Team: Part III

In what may currently be the toughest position in America, (outside the presidency), the Treasury Secretary.  

Timothy Geithner - Treasury Secretary

While the onus is on the president to get the economy back on it's feet, it is Geithner who will help design and implement the strategies to do so.  While it is difficult to discern whether Mr. Geithner adheres to any one religion, it has been rumored he is Jewish, but there are no facts to back this up, and according to Tvzee's Talmudic Blog, he was raised Episcopalian.  But even better than that, (for us non-believers anyway), is that Mr. Geithner is described as "hardly religious" by his father-in-law.  Do we have an agnostic in the house?  While I can't say that I support the American pastime of MoneyWorship, I will stand by a man that knows his dinero, especially in this time of dire need for comprehensive economic reform.  

With economic times unjust,
A review of our policies a must.
A good change indeed, 
our money should read, 
"In Barack H. Obama we trust"

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  1. I want to like this guy. However, his plan for the second have of the TARP money sounded suspiciously similar to Bush's team's plan: Give banks tons of taxpayer $ with no strings attached. I for one was hoping for the cap on CEO's bonuses/salary to be included. Word on the street, Geithner singlehandedly struck this provision from the plan.