Wednesday, January 28, 2009

He must be a migrant worker...

"One of these faces is not like the other, one of these faces just isn't the same..."

Mr. Boehner's face is a little more , ahem, "golden" than the others.  Are we supposed to believe that this man cares more about the American middle class than Obama does?  A skeleton, Ratman, and LeatherFace, is that all the conservative "movement" has left?

By the way, Boehner doesn't represent a warm, sunny, southern district, he's from Ohio.  Fako Bako.

Obama's Team: Part II

Continuing with our investigation...scanning for Atheists, inquiring about Agnostics, noodling (?) for Non-Beleivers, in Barack's Cabinet appointees...barring that we will at least reward good secular politicians...

Hillary Clinton - Secretary of State

We all know Hillary, she's been on the national political stage for years now, The First Lady of Arkansas, State Senator of New York, and her most difficult job, keeping Bill's pants on.  Listed as a Methodist, Hillary uses her religion very suspiciously.  While being a politician in the south, there really is no way to be elected than by proclaiming a deep and abiding faith, and as with Obama, we will take her word for it, no reason to suggest she is not religious.  But, we can moniter how and when she chooses to use her religion.  She is not openly religious, unless she's in front of a crowd of evangelicals, but she's reviled by conservative leaders, as her religion is essentially pro-choice.  So, is she the pious disciple that leaned on Jesus through the difficulties in her marriage?  Or is she the pragmatic, open-minded politician that her husband represented? It seems tough to claim both of these positions without alienating people on both sides, but isn't this the Clinton (family) legacy?  Knowing your audience, knowing the law, bending the law, bending the audience.  The Clinton's are nothing if not shrewd politicians, and they know that most people in our country are religious, they certainly convey that they "feel your pain", but behind closed doors they are negotiators to the first degree, and this is the real duty of the politician.  While we take at face value "Hillary as Methodist", we look at her track record of policy making and we see a history of (somewhat) progressive reform.  When the votes are up in the air, Hillary knows the audience, when policy and politics come around, jesus covers his eyes. Since Hillary is now in an appointed position, there are no more elections, no more playing to the audience, so we will soon see how she carries out the work that  Barack will hand her.  This is one voter who hopes to see Rick Warren and the like covering THEIR eyes.

P.S. - Looks like Holder will be confirmed as Attorney General...more next time.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama's Team: Part I

When Barack referenced "non-believers" in his inauguration speech, it wasn't simply a nod to the left-wingers that helped get him elected, it was an acknowledgment that our government and politics are secular.  That we, (as a country), are ruled by laws written by man, and that adherence to these laws is what makes one truly "American".  (This is a sharp contrast to the last president who's test for being a patriot consisted in an odd formula  that took into account not only how "hard" one prayed to Jesus, but also the amount of Toby Keith albums one owned). While setting up for his historic run for office, Obama put out his biography, "Dreams of My Father" ,that confirmed his christian beliefs, I will take this matter at his word, (even if political expediency makes these claims necessary).  I won't press on his mother's professed atheism, or his fathers non-religion, we will assume that Barack is in fact a follower of Jesus Christ.  With that being said do we think that Barack "speaks with god" as Bush claimed he did?  Will Barack consult ancient texts for modern medical advice?  Will Barack allow natural disasters to be ignored as "the will of god"?  We are all hoping the answers to all theses questions will be an emphatic "No".  So, if Jesus isn't Obama's "co-pilot", where does Barack get his advice?  And more specifically to this post, are any of the people that Barack takes advice from in fact "non-believers" themselves?  Check back often as I will analyze selected members of Obama's staff, searching for those that may be atheist/agnostic, and cheering on those that show an affinity for secular government. 

First under the microscope, Obama's pit-bull, Rahm Emanuel...

Rahm Emanuel - Chief of Staff
Mr. Emanuel is Obama's right-hand man, the strong arm bending the cabinet to Barack's will, a zionist Jew, and an all-around pain in the ass.  While being a foot soldier in the remurgence of the Democratic party, Rahm gained the reputation of a mafia pit-boss, demanding loyalty and, *ahem*, taking care of those that didn't perform.  While being a respected official, it can't be said that he is non-religious.  Rahm still identifies himself as a Zionist, and his father has been less than flattering when speaking of Arabs, (oy vey!).  That being said, Rahm is more of a facillitator and less of a policy maker in his White house position.  It will be interesting to watch as Barack goes forward with Israel/Palestine relations.  Will Barack take a pragmatic approach to the conflict? Can Rahm seperate what his position demands, from the policy decisions that Barack must make?  Answers to these questions will go a long way in defining how secular the current White House will be.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Hello, my name is Clint Gentry, and I just made it home from DC...

Sitting on the mall...the people, the MILES of people, waiting for the second that the change actually came.  The second George Bush was out of office.  The second African-Americans broke the ceiling.  The second we remembered what we love about America...

This blog will have nothing to do with that...

We will be a bit more specific here, a bit more precise, a bit more direct, we will focus ourselves on the first ever mention of "Non-Believers" in a presedential inauguration speech.  Is the world ending? Can Non-Believers be real Americans?  Is Obama going to actually acknowledge a, (gulp), secular government?  Of course these are questions for FOXNews to answer, (with their dwindling fan base, they better do it soon), but seriously folks,  the Atheists/Agnostic movement is on a roll, and this will be a big part of the discussion here at "Relief from Belief".  I will attempt to do a weekly post which will hopefully have enough meat to last through  5-7 whole days, but I will certainly keep up with current events and post when I feel it necessary.