Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Left-of-Center President!

Again, President Obama captures the imagination of our country, but this time it is not as the story of the first Black President, but AS the President.  There are no more campaigns, leadership is needed now, and tonight Barack Hussein Obama set out to convince that this country is not only capable of rising from a myopic, nihilistic haze, but in fact, that by simply doing what we know we can, ("the nation that invented the car" for example), we can restore the greatness that we once held in the world.  While reminding the nation of the deficit he inherited, the wars he inherited, and the cynicism held by many citizens, he left no doubt that we are in good hands, OUR Hands. As the president helps us to realize the importance of commitment to community, he reminds us that this commitment IS the reward, it is what MAKES a community, and in fact the community cannot exist without it.  

While cutting the taxes of 95% of working people, Obama effectively neutered any argument the bloated carcass of the GOP may have had, and in doing so, may give the Democrats decades of congressional dominance.  By putting faith back into American Government, Barack is bringing back a forgotten idea; that government can be good!  Regulating Wall-Street stops multi-billion dollar Ponzi schemes, keeping an eye on money lenders makes sure the housing market doesn't tank, monitoring industrial waste keeps are environment healthy, these aren't bad things,  (but something that hasn't been said in 29 years or so).  Obama, by actively demanding an amount of government, industrial, and financial responsibility has essentially reclaimed the U.S. as a progressive country, and in doing so starts moving the country in the liberal direction it was originally designed for...


While sounding as giddy as I do when I watch Obama, I still realize there are things out there that he did not address that must be brought up, specifically, Extraordinary Renditions, (What is the story Mr. Holder?). "Truth Commissions"? (sorry Mr. President, justice must be served to Rove, Cheney, and George II).  Ensuring that "Faith Based Initiative" funds are used properly, (a pet project of mine) and the  Drug War, (not an immediate issue, but would like it to be addressed).  

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