Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Crusades, Part Deux

First read this article from, and before you start puking, come back and read my blog...

Well, pretty interesting huh?  

The United States Department of Defense, was being run by an incompetent, doddering, religiophile.  Now the incompetent and doodering parts, that was known well before now, but the brazen appeal to the bible as an argument for war is possibly the most damning show if ineptitude by the Bush administration.  Pictures of war machines with bible passages, photos of disposed dictators of Arab descent while invoking Jesus,  were all brought by Rumsfeld as a means to "butter up" the president, or at least comfort his simple mind.  While Rumsfeld was busy mishandling our armed-forces, he distracted the Shrub with bronze-age mythology, essentially hiding his incompetence behind feigned holiness...The fact that these "men" were at the helm of U.S. power is not only frightening, but sad in way.  A president, whom was completely in over his head, instead of getting the help he needed, was being decieved by an arrogant, worm-tounged, war monger, praying on foolishness...

Yes I do believe Rumsfeld is a War Criminal, and he should be put on trial, but his intents to decieve the commander-in-chief while fumbling the military damns the man more than a court ever can or will.    

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